Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist

When a woman receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, it impacts every area of her life. It's not just a physical issue -- it's a mental, social and spiritual journey as well. Becoming a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist was important to me in understanding those unique issues, and allows me to come alongside those who are on that difficult journey.

My approach is based on understanding the surgical and treatment options, then measuring range of motion during, before and after breast cancer treatment. That allows me to properly address fitness needs at different stages of the treatment - before surgery, after surgery, and during post-operative treatment and chemotherapy.

Post-operative issues may include muscular imbalances, scar tissue, reconstruction or a prosthesis. These issues can be addressed as they relate to the possibility of a woman’s changing physique.

It's a privilege for me to join these women to help motivate them to exercise at every stage of the process, including during chemotherapy. The result is a more positive outlet for their bodies, emotional well-being, and an overall sense of feeling more in control.

Diane Bechtle
(714) 606-5880