2014 Here We Come!!   Please read on . . . I promise I am not going to guilt you into going back to the gym, eating better, or getting more sleep (even if your body needs that - Hehe!)

Does the term “new year’s resolution” send excitement your way or a sense of dread?

Let’s explore . . . 


Most new year’s resolutions tend to focus on our flaws.  We vow to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, get organized, clean out our garage, worry less, or balance our lives.  Self-improvement is good (I know I can use some), but starting the year by putting such burdens on ourselves seem to be self-defeating.  That is probably the reason that only 8% of people keep their resolutions.


What if we focused on our strengths and talents as we usher in the new year.  What do you love to do?  What do you do best?  We are all gifted in so many ways.  Use your goodness to give to others.  Invest your goodness in the lives of people around you that are in need.   Love to cook?  Find a family that would be encouraged by a meal.  Is organizing your thing?  Help someone get their office in order.  Do you love people?  Invite someone over and encourage them in their life journey.  Love kids?  Babysit for a young couple who can’t afford a babysitter.  Jot someone a note if that’s your thing.  Put your gift of creativity to use somewhere.  


As we give, we do improve and I can guarantee that the rewards are great.  There is no room for self-defeat here, only a huge sense of satisfaction!!   Try it, you’ll like it!!