About Diane Bechtle, Trainer Lady

Having been 50 pounds overweight in my early 20's, I understand the feelings my clients are experiencing when they come to see me.  Getting back in shape wasn't a matter of discipline (if it was, I would have just done it).  It involved changing the way I looked at health, nutrition, exercise -- and myself.  It's been a lifelong journey, learning how to make changes that last.

That's my approach with my clients -- developing a relationship, understanding their perspective and shaping a process to guide them back to health.  I provide a customized program for each client, from teens to seniors, that exactly meets their life situation.  Lasting change only happens when our perspective changes -- so I provide a whole-person approach that positions each client for a lifetime of success.

My personal journey motivated me to help others do the same.  I've worked as a fitness professional for over 30 years, starting by teaching aerobics classes in Phoenix (including leg warmers and headbands and a boom box . . . ) as well as water aerobics.  I was the owner and co-founder of Inspirational Fitness, providing fitness programs in churches throughout the Phoenix area.  In 1990 I moved to Southern California and began my career in personal fitness training, becoming ACE certified and training clients in both home and gym settings.  I am also a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist which enables me to help cancer patients through the challenges of that journey.

Exercise has to be fun, motivating and challenging.  That's why I stay current on the latest techniques, to provide more variety and tools for my clients.  From free weights and exercise machines to TRX, battling ropes, kettle bells and medicine balls, we'll make sure you have plenty of “toys” to eliminate boredom from your workouts.

I've been on both sides of the fitness fence.  That's why I can identify with what you're feeling, and why I'm so passionate about helping you reach your goals and change your life.

It would be a privilege to partner with you on your personal journey!

Diane Bechtle
(714) 606-5880